Etiquette Camp - ONE Day

Etiquette Camp - ONE Day
Etiquette Camp - ONE Day

Etiquette Camp - ONE Day


Etiquette Camp - ONE Day

Where: Agape Church (701 Napa Valley Drive, Little Rock, AR, 72211)

Time: 9a-3p

Date: July 18th

This Course Includes:

This one day camp is from 9a-3p.  Includes student worksheets. Also includes student activities to make manners fun and interactive. 

Have you ever been embarrassed of the way your children behave in public? Have you ever wanted them to be more obedient and pay more attention? At this summer etiquette ONE day camp we teach the basics of character. We also help students learn in a fun interactive way the importance of manners. How to be a good guest, techno-etiquette, basic dining manners, eating in public and so much more.

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Come join us for a fun filled and interactive camp. Some of the topics children will learn are the

  • Basic Tables Manners

  • Basic Etiquette

  • Dining in Public

  • Conversation Skills

  • Meeting and Greeting

  • Character Education

  • Proper Handshake

  • Church and School Manners

  • Basic Techno Etiquette

Fee includes: 

  • 6 hours of etiquette education

  • student worksheets

  • daily snack