I would recommend this class! Ellianna is enthusiastic, informative and inspirational!
— Dr. Kevin McCray
My favorite part about the class was about learning tips on starting a conversation (and) greeting...I enjoyed the practically of things.
— Bethany Reeves
I would recommend this class. It was very interactive and helpful!
— Nomon
Your Q & A time was very well done and your answers are excellent and to the point!
— Mary
I love coming here! I learned a lot about Flag etiquette!
— Mia Goodloe
Ellianna is an extremely calm and enjoyable public speaker
— Mark
My favorite topic of the class was Ellianna telling (us) why we do etiquette. It’s not just a bunch of rules with no purpose, it is (about) to honor others.
— Jerry
I love etiquette class! Joy! I loved learning about manners and being kind to each other!
— Macy, age 7
The Q & A time was the best! Ellianna (is) very clear, precise, gracious and fun...I would like to learn from all your classes.
— Star
I would recommend this class for others. It is very helpful because it is a good thing to make people confident.
— Nirel
I loved the interaction!
— Erick
My favorite part was (learning) conversational skills because we did examples. I would recommend this class for anyone because it helps you become more confident!
— Bethy McCray